Natural Mascara
Natural Mascara

Natural Mascara

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This natural mascara works! It makes your lashes look bold and longer, only with NO clumps. The color is made with natural clay, mica and minerals. This mascara is not waterproof but it stays on all day and doesn't flake off. Re-apply is needed during the warm or humid day.

Two colors option: Black or Dark Brown

* Product does not dry hard, it has a soft finish & is free of all chemicals, preservatives & toxins. Please note that this mascara does not contain any chemicals so it might take you a couple of tries to adjust.

*Warmer weather may cause this product to liquify during shipping. Please allow to sit in cooler temperature before opening if your product feels warm upon receiving it.

Key Ingredients:

*Castor Oil
Helps promote hair growth. Anti-inflammatory. Helps promote healing.

*Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil bio-mimics naturally produced sebum; absorbs instantly, non-comedogenic.

*Vitamin E
It can act as a moisturizer for your lashes. Locking in moisture, which will help hairs retain length.


In a kraft cardboard container, with a bamboo wand and a sample of Kaolin Clay setting powder. Yah! Zero waste!

Ingredients: Beeswax, *Candelilla wax, *Jojoba oil, *Castor oil, *Shea butter, Kaolin clay, Magnesium stearate, *Vitamin E oil, Sericite Mica, Iron oxide & Mica (*Organic)

To use:
Dip clean, dry spoolie brush into the mascara gently, spinning brush to pick up product. Place the brush at the roots of lashes, and gently brush upwards. To prevent clumps, allow to dry, then apply a second coat.

*To prevent smudges, apply a layer of our Setting Powder or any mineral makeup powder on your under-eye area.

*Please wash and sanitize the spoolie brush before use.

To wash the mascara wand: Best to use Antiseptic soap then spray with 70% alcohol and let it dry and reuse it. Check out our store, we also sell Hand Sanitizer :)

Shelf life is 12 months