The story behind Gua Sha

Growing up in Hong Kong, China. I’m always fascinated by (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese natural remedies and acupressure points. I started seeing Chinese herbalists when I was around 5 years old, and I would cry when I needed to see a doctor to get western medicine. Of course, my background as a holistic aesthetician made me believe in holistic ways to heal the skin. I started using Gua Sha in my early 20’s. I just turned 40 and I have no crow’s feet around my eyes and my fine lines on my forehead are getting lighter as I’ve used Gua Sha more over the years. 

Back in early 2002, I took a class from a massage therapist in Hong Kong to learn authentic techniques of using Gua Sha and discovered how this little face massage tool could help with skin brightening and tightening. I’m still in awe of all the benefits from Gua Sha. During the pandemic, I had to close my salon for a few months. I had more time to read and take care of my skin. That was the time I picked up books and studied more about how to use acupressure points incorporated with Gua Sha.

I was born in Yunnan (Southwestern China), grew up in Hong Kong, and now I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My hometown has the most beautiful jades and crystals because it’s so close to Burma where it is a birthplace of Jade. My first Gua Sha was a jade one I bought in Hong Kong. For the longest time, I always wanted to bridge my passion for beauty and my dream of my own business with my roots. Until I realized Gua Sha is this perfect bridge. This great tool to beautify the skin, which I feel truly connected my eastern knowledge and holistic esthetic sides to help you heal your skin and teach you the most authentic way to use this magnificent tool.